welcome to Montyhall game


1. Below, there are 3 doors. Behind one door,there is a car and behind the others,goats
2. Your goal is to pick a door behind which there is a car
3. When you select a door,the computer reveals another door which has a goat
4. Now,You can either switch to another closed door or go with your initial choice
5. Play Wisely and win a car
Please Select a door
You selected door1
You selected door2
You selected door3

Ok, I'm opening a door

Do you want to switch?

door door door


You made the right choice by switching

By switching, you increased your probability of winning to 0.67

You Lost!!!

The chances of you winning was 67% since you switched,yet you still lost

Play again to redefine your luck


You are a very lucky person

The probability of you winning was only 0.33 because you didn't switch,yet you still won

You Lost!!!!

Since you didn't switch, your chances of winning was only 33%

Play again to redefine your luck